Wednesday, August 16, 2017

For a Friend

A note from John Athos:

HUGE news I want to tell you about.

If you have $1 to spare and an internet connection, there’s an event happening on August 25-26th that’s going to be a game-changer!’s called The Lurn Virtual Summit.

It’s a 2-day, 16 hour, 100% online event put on by Anik Singal and ClickBank. They made the event specifically for people who want to start or grow a digital business.
...That's people like us :)

And the best part (besides it being only $1.00)?

Robert Kiyosaki, Bob Proctor, & ClickBank’s C.O.O. are going to be keynote speakers!

For only $1!

You get to learn from some of the most famous business minds in the world for a buck!
  • Anik, his team, and the keynote speakers will be showing you: 
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  • How to get out of your own way and finally follow your OWN dream… 
  • How to set up multiple passive income streams… 
  • How to create, market & see your own digital product…
  • Why email marketing is the best digital business model for 2017…
  • Why Copywriters are DOMINATING the internet & how you can join them…
  • How to create upsells, downsells & bonuses that convert like CRAZY…
  • Insider tactics for driving traffic to your website in 2017…
And so much more (go check out the eventpage).

There’s absolutely zero catch or trick - it’s only $1.

All you need to do is login Saturday and Sunday & watch. This means that you DON’T have to pay thousands of dollars to drive or fly somewhere and miss 4 days of your life... just pay $1, and watch from your computer!

I’ve already got my ticket!

Check it out!


Friday, August 4, 2017

Yoga Burn!

I don't often promote (or even review) products unless I feel VERY strongly about them. I think most of you know that. But, being a woman myself, and knowing how difficult it is to lose weight, much less “get into shape,” I just had to share this with you.

Zoe Bray-Cotton is a certified yoga instructor, a certified personal trainer and female fitness expert. She has taught all major forms and styles of yoga for over a decade through some of the most renowned gyms in North America as well as Yoga Studios.

The secret to the success of the Yoga Burn for women program lies in that's referred to as Dynamic Sequencing. Which is the way in which the Yoga Burn For Women program teaches you how to properly perform each movement and then continues to adapt and increase the challenge at the precise moment your body starts to get used to the routine. This forces your body to change and adapt, which in turn, helps to build a shapely, feminine body that not only looks better, but feels better too! Yoga Burns for Women's unique 3-phase program guides you through 15 different videos that are laid out in a way that will keep your body and mind guessing to insure you do not get bored, or hit a plateau.”

I don't really now what makes it work, but it does! I have tried it and I can attest that it really does work. I hate to exercise, but this program really isn't that difficult. In fact, I find it rather fun to do. You don't have to take my word for it. You can read all about for yourself. Just click the link below and see for yourself.

Mistress Ivey

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

More on Fantasies

So, Ladies... If you have been paying attention, and if you take a look at the two polls in the right-hand column, you should realize that your partner most likely fantasizes about many different things. Some, he hopes you will make come true, but others he just wants you to talk about doing.

My point here is (and I will leave the polls up for another week), if you take a close look at what these two polls indicate, you should be able to guess where your partner is in these polls. If you can't, then you can always have him take the polls again, just for you. Don't worry, he will answer the questions, if you will but ask them.

Most men, I have found, want their limits to be pushed, at least a little. You can use his fantasies to push those limits if you like. All you have to do, when you are sexually teasing him, is to mention that you have been wanting to do something special. Something on his fantasy list. You don't have to actually do it. Just talk as if you might. Tell him how much fun you think it would be to do it. Tell him exactly how you would do it.

Would you make make him dress up as a woman and take you to a coffee shop? Perhaps you might mention that one of your girlfriends knows about his submissive side and wants to see it for herself. So you thought you would invite her over so she can see just how obedient he is.

And for those things on his “Reality” list, well, if any of them appeal to you, why not make a few of them come true for him. It isn't a great deal of work for you. All you have to do is tell him you want him to do whatever it is. He should, albeit reluctantly, obey you. After all, that is what he wants to do. He longs to be told exactly what to do. It is all a part of the teasing that you do for him.

So, Ladies, in the future, remember to push his limits and tease him with fantasy, and a splash of reality every once in a while. It will liven up both your lives and possibly make this “being in charge” more fun for you.

Mistress Ivey

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


I have always been curious about something. What challenges would men most like to have become reality and which would they prefer to keep only as fantasies?

Everywhere you look on the Internet, you see photos and stories about submissive (or chastised) men being subjected to all sorts of humiliating situations. I mean, you see it all the time in captioned photos, erotic stories are filled with humiliating situations such as, being naked or dressed as a French maid at a party full of women (and or men). Men being forced to commit homosexual acts, and even men being exposed in pubic.

I know how my own husband feels about most of these situations. After all, he loves humiliation of this kind. But what do YOU think about them. Do you only fantasize about be bound to a chair while watching your wife have wild sex with another man? Or is that something you would love to actually do? Would you want to be “forced” into joining in, maybe sucking his cock? Or would you prefer to suck this cum out of your wife's vagina?

Maybe, to you, simply having your wife (or Mistress) sit on the couch and instruct you how to masturbate for her is a only a fantasy. But would like it to be real? Or would that be too much for you?

These and other questions have always intrigued me. I know how difficult it can be to convey to your spouse that you would actually enjoy being “forced” to do some of them. After all, if you tell that, won't it ruin the fantasy? I mean, let's face it, being “forced” into doing humiliating things, no matter what they may be, is a common fantasy, but if you have to tell your wife that, it no longer feels forced when she does it. Am I right? So how does she know? If you can't come right out and tell her what your heart desires, how is she to fulfill all thos fantasies of yours?

It's a dilemma that many men face. My suggestion, would simply be to send her some fantasies n writing, or have her read fantasies that contain things you would love to experience. You don't have to tell her that's what you want, simply explain how very much those stories turn you on. She will get the picture.

I am asking you all to do me a BIG favor. Fill out BOTH polls in the right-hand column. This will not only help me to understand where the majority of you stand on these things, but it might enlighten many women at the same time. Remember, nothing personal is ever recorded by these polls. No only information these polls collect is whether your PC has completed the poll or not. They are completely anonymous! So I urge you to fill them out, PLEASE!?

Mistress Ivey

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Teasing Methods (pt-5)

So, by now you have a pretty good grasp of what Tease & Denial is all about. But there's more. Lots more, actually. However, this is the last in my “Teasing Methods” series. Here are a few ideas of things you can have him do when you want to be doing something else. That is, when you don't want to be bothered. Basically, these are things you can make him do by himself, so you don't have to.

So you are sitting at home, ready to watch your favorite TV show, or maybe a movie you have been waiting to see. In pops your partner wanting you to do something to tease him. Tell him to watch a porn video that will last until your show is over. Be sure you tell him NOT to ejaculate. Better yet, put him in chastity, at least for the time being. That way, you can be sure he won't have any unauthorized ejaculations.

You could try making him drop his pants right there in front of you. Have him masturbate while you watch your show. Or, if you are not that interested in the show, direct him. Tell him when to speed up and when to slow down, just to avoid that unwanted ejaculation. Yes, it requires a bit more involvement, but again, you don't have to direct him.

If you don't mind getting involved, have him do a strip tease for you. Make sure you capture that “Kodak” moment. Better yet, video record it. Don't forget to inform him that if he fails to follow instructions in the future, he may find those photos (or that video) on-line somewhere.

You can always have him tell you his deepest, darkest fantasy. He should include all the details. You don't want him to leave anything out. You want him to get turned on telling you about it. To make sure he is excited by his own fantasy, have him tell it to you while standing naked in front of you. Keep an eye on his erection. If there isn't one, have him manually create it for you.

Finally, here is one more thing you can do using your phone when he (or you) are at work or out shopping. Send him a text (or just call him) and tell him he has ten minutes to send you a photo of his erect penis. Yes, I said “erect.” This type of thing will not only keep him aroused all day, but it can be so much fun for you as well. Of course, there are many things you can have him do. Maybe even allow him that long awaited ejaculation he has been begging for.

There you have it. More than 20 ways to tease and deny your guy, that you can do without much fuss. In fact, you don't even have to get undressed for most of them. So have fun. And don't forget to tease him in some way, EVERY day!
Tease and denial is not something that requires you to be present or to dress up in sexy outfits just to keep your guy happy and obedient. Be yourself. Be happy. And most of all, keep him on edge! He will always be ready to give you as many orgasms as your heart desires.

Mistress Ivey

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Teasing Methods (pt-4)

Okay, we have talked about many types of teasing so far, but we have not touched on what you can do when the two of you are not in the same room. In other words, while he is away. So let's do that now.

There will be plenty of opportunities to use the teases in this post. You don't have to send him to some far away place and make him spend several nights in a hotel room, just to do these little teases. In fact, you can use these while he is at work, or running errands for you, or anytime he is not physically with you. He could simply be in another room, for that matter.

Try sending him some sexy photos. It works best if he has a computer with him, but you can simply send them to his cell phone if you want. Have him make a special album (or folder if he is using his computer) to place all the photos you send him into. That way, he can always find them and there is less chance of someone else seeing them by accident.

These photos don't have to be of you. If you prefer not to open yourself up to that sort of thing, you can always send photos you find on the Internet. Use your favorite search engine and type in anything that will provide photos of whatever you want. You can get any kind, even animals mating, if that's what turns him on. Just a few of these photos along with your words of encouragement, can go a long way toward getting him all “hot and bothered.”

You can also send him some sexy texts. Tell him what you would like to do to him the next time you get him alone. This is also a good way to find out what really turns him on. He probably has fantasies of a nature he has been reluctant to tell you about. So try lots of different subjects to see how he reacts to them. Maybe he loves the idea of you dripping candle wax on his body. Or maybe he finds the thought of you being dressed in a skimpy pair of jean-shorts to be something that gets his penis all in an up-roar.

You can also have him perform tasks for you while he is away. Send him out to purchase a pair of ladies panties, a size that will fit him. Or maybe you would prefer to make buy some type of lingerie for you. The humiliation of going to a boutique to by sexy things for you can be a real thrill for him as well, and for you.

Maybe you send him to work with a small tube of lubricant and a butt-plug. Have him insert it while he is at work, or out shopping. Tell him to take a photo of the plug in place before he gets home. This type of humiliation is a common turn-on for many men. Maybe you can have him send you a photo of his hard penis while he is out of the house.

You send him a text link to a sexy story online with orders to read it before he leaves the office, or at least, before he gets home. If he is out shopping, have him read it on his phone before he is allowed back in the house.

Using a little imagination, you can come up with a myriad of thins he can do for you that will at least turn him on, if not yourself. Have as much fun with it as you can. It's the little things you have him do that can make all the difference in how much he relies on you for sexual stimulation. And that is what you want.

Mistress Ivey

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Teasing Methods (pt-3)

So far, we have covered a lot of ground. But there is a lot more to go, so pay attention! Here in part-3, I will give you some more basic ideas on how to get your guy on edge and keep him there.

Again, at least his hands should be bound so he cannot interfere with what you are doing. And, of course, a blindfold will help. It not only gets his imagination working over-time, but it also means you can wear that old pair of ratty jeans you are so comfortable wearing. After all, if he can't see you, what does it matter what you are wearing? He can imagine anything you tell him.

This time, try using a vibrator. It doesn't really make a great deal difference what type it is, but having a couple different ones on hand is a good idea. At least one should be of the “wand” style. You know, something that has to be plugged in or, at least, charged. You can find this type at most pharmacys and ANY sex shop. A small battery powered one is also a plus.

You can use a vibrator just about anywhere on his body. Try it on his penis, balls, anus, nipples, neck... you name it! Any of his erogenous zones should get a charge out of it. Tickling him with it can be a great deal of fun as well. Don't forget the bottoms of his feet.

Speaking of things that vibrate... Purchasing a small vibrating butt-plug is also a good idea. There are a number of uses for an item like that. Insert one. Turn it on. Then go ahead and tease whatever else you want to tease. It only adds to his pleasure (or should I say, torment?).

Have you ever tried a masturbation aid? There are many such items on the market. Some, like the “Fleshlight” can get quite expensive, but there are many cheaper items that work just as well. You can check them out here if you like. However, if you don't want him to ejaculate, I recommend using a desensitizing cream on his penis first. Otherwise, you are liable to ruin all your fun when you were just getting started.

I don't know about the rest of you, but sometimes I hate getting all that lubrication on my hands. But I found a great solution to that problem! Rubber gloves! Now, you are probably thinking about those Nitrile gloves like the hospitals use. No, no, no! What you want are dish-washing gloves. You can obtain them just about anywhere. They have raised ridges, bumps, or even a grid pattern that helps you pickup those slippery dishes. Well, those grippers can work wonders on the male body, especially the penis! And you can always make him clean them up when you are done.

Finally, try using a penis extender. You can obtain them wherever you buy your sex toys. If want to look at a few, here is a link to some for you. You might still want to use some desensitizing cream on his penis, but don't worry, he will stay hard while you ride him to as many orgasms as you want. And, of course, you can always make him wait until next time for his orgasm.

Mistress Ivey

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Teasing Methods (pt-2)

Okay, we have discussed how to handle that “quick-shooter” and how to use some of those other erogenous zones he has. If you did your homework, you should also know that stopping direct stimulation BEFORE he can ejaculate, is a very good method of extending his pleasure (and yours, if you are really having fun).

Now that you have spent some time “not touching” his genitals, and he is probably begging you to do so, let’s see what else we can do to frustrate him. Try using something like a feather. Ostrich feathers are especially good for this. Use it just like you did your hands, except that now, it’s okay to stroke the feather across, up, down and along the length of his penis and balls. Don’t worry, it won’t be enough stimulation to bring him to the edge.

The next option is to give him five or six VERY SLOW strokes with your hand. If you want to use lubrication for this, so much the better, but it’s not necessary. When I say “slow,” I mean really slow! It should take you at least four, maybe five seconds to complete one full stroke up and back down. Again, the point is to keep him from getting close to an ejaculation. Ejaculation is the enemy, here. Repeat stroking his penis this way stopping for thirty seconds after every five or six strokes.

Talk to him. If he normally ejaculates easily, talk about your day. What did you do, where did you go? The idea is to distract him from what you are doing. If he is one of those who can hold back when he wants to, talk about how much fun you are having doing all this to him. Talk about how much you love making him beg for it.

Or… You could try using a toothpick or a small kabob skewer (get them at your local grocery store) and poke his skin in all those erogenous places, including his penis and balls, even the space between his legs, behind his balls. Don’t poke him hard enough to cause real pain, just enough to keep him aroused. 

One final tease you might like to try. Again, this works great for that quick-shooter. Buy some desensitizing cream or basic Ora-gel (both available at your local pharmacy) and apply a liberal amount to his entire penis. That should slow him down a bit. If you're lucky your arm will tire before he gets close to ejaculating.

Of course, you may use any one of these during a Tease & Denial session, or all of them, if you like. I find that mixing them up, using different methods for each session, keeps things more interesting. After all, you don’t want things to get monotonous. What good would that do?

Until next week, practice.

Mistress Ivey

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Teasing Methods

I get a lot of questions about teasing. Sexual teasing, that is. You know, Tease and Denial, T&D, sexual torment. Things of that nature. Well, there are literally thousands of ways to sexually tease a man, but here are some of my favorites. PLEASE, send me any methods you use that you are willing to share. I love learning what other people do with their partners when it is time to get them all worked up. And, I have never stopped learning.

Before I start, let me remind you, binding your partner's hands (and adding a blindfold) is something I highly recommend. After all, you really don't want him reaching down and finishing himself off, after you have spent all that time getting him on edge. It ruins all your hard work and leaves him sexually uninterested for the next few days, making him totally unmanageable. The blindfold just adds to his excitement and makes him use his imagination a great deal more.

Let's start by giving you some tips for that “quick-shooter” if you have one. If you can't touch his penis for more than a few seconds before he spurts it all away, don't. Don't touch his penis then. You can get him all worked up and aroused, simply by running your hands, or just your fingertips, over most of his body. He has other erogenous zones. Use them, instead. I often prefer to start this way anyway. It arouses him enough to get his penis standing as strait and tall as it ever will (without a penis pump) so that, by the time I am ready to touch it, he is begging me to do it.

If you have never watched a T&D video on the Internet (yes, I am talking about porn), you really should take some time to watch a few. X-Hamster, Pornhub, and XVideo, are just a few.
Try doing a search with your favorite search engine (Bing, Google, Yahoo) for tease and denial videos. Most SE's will simply post the videos right there for you.

If you go to one of these video sites, the first thing you will notice is that most of the videos only last a few minutes. Most are shorter than fifteen minutes. But if you really want to get your man excited, watch some of the longer ones, say, over twenty minutes long. This will give you a better idea of how these woman can make their partner's erection last so long without exploding and ruining all your fun.

Take your time! After all, if you have the right attitude, it can be great fun for you as well. You want him to last as long as you can make it last. It's called “Denial” for a reason. Don't allow him to ejaculate before you finish. Making him wait until (maybe) next time, will make him much easier to handle when you want him to do chores and such.

I will give you more details in upcoming posts. In the mean time, do your homework.

Mistress Ivey

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Soft FLR

I get a great number of questions about keyholding and Female Led Relationships (FLR), but one question I never seem to get is, "What if I don't want to get into all that BDSM and corporal punishment stuff?"

The answer is simple. I mentioned this in my books, but most people probably missed it because it is such a small part of the whole scope of what an FLR is about. So in answer to the question, "Can we still have an FLR even though I don't totally subjugate my husband?" I give a resounding, "Of course you can." You can make your FLR as hard or as soft as you like. There is no reason, other than you both want it, to subjugate your partner. That is, if you would rather withhold sex for a couple of days, or have him wash the dishes for a week instead of taking a paddle to his bare bottom, it is perfectly okay. You set your own rules.

There are no rules, other than the ones you set for your own relationship. If you don't want to make him wear a chastity device, that's fine. No one says it is a requirement. If you would rather he handle the finances, or the grocery shopping, or even buying you flowers once a week, that's totally up to you. How you set up your FLR, the rules you set, the punishments you prefer to use, are all something that the two of you can work out together.

I encourage everyone who is new to the world of Female Led Relationships to sit down and make a contract, or agreement, as to exactly what is acceptable to the both of you. You may eventually throw it away as your relationship evolves and changes over a period of time. But if you start out by setting certain boundaries, and expectations, you have a good place to start and you each know exactly what is expected of you.

A "Soft" FLR is one in which there may be no physical punishments involved. However, I do strongly recommend that you include at least some tease and denial. It doesn't even have to be in your contract. But I think you will both be surprised at how much fun it can be. From the woman's side, there is nothing like working your guy up and edging him, then stopping at least long enough for him to catch his breath before doing it all over again! Men seem to love it as well.

Mistress Ivey

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Hard Truths

Many of you asked Mistress Ivey's health. Yes, she has been having problems of late. Well, the past two months to more precise. I am not at liberty to say exactly what her problems are, other than to tell you that it has to do with her epilepsy. She has been unable to spend more than 15-20 minutes a day in front of a computer screen. She has "spells" where she can not remember things. In short, she can't spend the needed time online to write this blog, among other things.

In the mean time, I may write a few lines now and again, until such time as she gets things under control, medically speaking. I am also working on some sexual fiction of my own. It won't be  the same as Ivey's, but I hope many of you will still enjoy it. I will try to keep you posted on my progress.

Another truth is that a marriage, contrary to popular belief, is NOT a 50/50 proposition. Quite the contrary. It is a 100/100 proposition. If you both don't give 100% to your marriage it will, most likely, fail. It doesn't matter is you have a "normal" relationship, an FLR, a gay or lesbian relationship, or any other kind. Failure to give 100% to your partner will always end in failure.

Now, one question... If you could purchase a sex-robot who could walk, talk, do the dishes, and provide you with all the sex you could possibly want, would you? Send me your comments on the the subject, please.


Wednesday, May 31, 2017


It's me, nemo, again... You know, there are many, MANY ways to punish your sub. I, for one, am not really into pain. So, paddling etc. is reserved for when I really need to learn a lesson. Most of the punishments I receive are less... Sadistic.

I have been made to stand with my nose against a wall, naked. I have been forced to drink my own ejaculate, something I really hate doing. I have been made to masturbate in the woods while standing in front of our car while Mistress sat in the driver's seat watching. I have even been bound to a post at a dungeon party simply because I said something mistress didn't like. That was quite embarrassing. I was not only naked and blindfolded, but people could touch me, put clips and clamps on me, or even rub ice on various parts of my body. While it was all rather erotic, I would much preferred to be able to walk around and converse with some of my friends.

I have had to masturbate while standing in the living room in front Mistress Ivey and at her direction. Normally, I am either not allowed to ejaculate or must ruin my own orgasm and consume the results. I really hate those punishments! Then there are the caged days where I spend some or all of a day in a steel cage. But I think the worst punishments are the ones where I am forced to cross-dress in some way. I don't even like wearing women's panties all day.

I guess what I am trying to say is that it is not the punishment that counts, but rather the way it is given. If done in fun, some can be  quite erotic, but when a scolding or demeaning lecture accompany the act, it becomes much less erotic. Mistress always makes sure that I have to do something that she finds entertaining. I guess that's why I often get punished for the slightest infraction.


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

nemo again

Yes, another post by me. Mistress Ivey is currently in the hospital (it's nothing serious) and was unable to write this week. Sorry for the late post, but I wasn't expecting to have to make one. So, let me answer some more questions that I often get.

By-the-way, I prefer to be associated with last weeks photo (see the post for May 17, 2017). I am NOT a fish!

Let me say this first, because of the way our FLR began, I am no good at telling you how to approach your wife about setting one up. Sorry, but I wouldn't know the first thing about getting a woman to take charge of my sex-life, much less anything else in our relationship. So, don't ask.

I can tell you this, however, if you want to set up an FLR, it is best to sit down and talk about your relationship openly and honestly. Maybe, if you find out what your spouse likes (or doesn't like) about your current arrangement, it will be easier to figure out how an FLR can help. Just my opinion, and you know what they are like.

If you want more sexual teasing and less actual intercourse, perhaps you can start with that. Explain how much more exciting it can be for you when you simply don't know if you are going to get to ejaculate or not. Leave it up to her to decide when, how and if you will get to do that. Let her know that want to please her more than you have in the past and that you are no longer concerned about your own pleasure. Let her know that you derive pleasure from giving her pleasure. And NOT just in bed, but anytime. That means you may have to start buying flowers or small gifts on your way home from work, or that you can send her little "love texts" during the day when you know she is having a rough time.

In other words, let her know that you are thinking of her. She should be your number one concern all the time! Not just at bedtime! Once you learn to put her first, in all things, the rest will come naturally. Let her know that it is okay for her to have eight or ten orgasms when you don't have any. Then show her that you mean it. Life will get better and better as time goes by and you keep proving it to her.


P.S. Stop looking at so much porn!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

From My Husband

I have received many questions over the years that are best answered by my husband. He has been by my side through the good times and the bad and can answer some of these questions better than I, because of his perspective. So, I am turning today's blog over to my husband...

They call me nemo. Yes, like the famous Capt. Nemo of Jules Verne fame. When Ivey and I first set up our female led relationship, I chose that name because in ancient Latin it means “no one.” I thought, since I had nothing to say about how our relationship would work, beyond our initial agreement, it was a fitting name.

The question most men seem to ask is, “How did you approach your wife about setting up an FLR?” The answer to that question is simple. If you have read anything about her past, then you know that I started out as her Master. When she first asked me if I would teach her to be a dominant, I did just that. For me, the easiest way to teach her was to take the role of a submissive. Then, when she screwed up, (which she often did, at first) I would simply remind her of what I would have done had our roles been reversed.

After a few months of being her submissive, I suggested that she was ready to take on a real sub of her own. Together, we searched for a suitable replacement for me (as her submissive). We found one, and I stepped out of that role to help guide her when she needed it.

Later, when I realized how difficult it was for her to play the “switch” I asked her if she wanted to settle down with just me as her submissive and stop spending so much money for motels and travel to various BDSM events that we so often did, and just stay at home. She accepted my proposal and it has been that way ever since.

Even though I am not in charge anymore, there have always been things that she would rather do for herself, so I was not one of those guys who was placed in total submission and required to do everything for her. We share many responsibilities. I believe that is the reason for our success at home.

I get a lot of questions about chastity. Well, I own (or rather she owns) many different types of chastity devices. We did a great deal of experimentation in the beginning. Our favorites include the Holy Trainer for its comfort and the CB3000 because she also purchased the Points of Intrigue to go with it. (That is not my favorite part.) We also own a few different metal devices from various manufacturers.

How did we first get started with male chastity? Personally, I wanted to try it out. Curiosity was my motivating factor, I suppose. How did I approach my wife with the subject? Simple. One day, while bound to our bed and she was teasing my genitals, I said, “I would like to try wearing a chastity device. I think it would be fun.” And that was all I needed to say. If you ask me, during sexual activity is the best time to bring up anything you want that is different from what you have done. I suppose the same would be true for asking your wife about setting up a female led relationship.

These days, I don't even wear a chastity device even though I am only allowed to ejaculate once every two to three months. I use only my own self control between times. Mistress Ivey hates having to remove the device every time she wants to fondle or physically tease my genitals. Of course, it takes a lot of trust and self control to maintain this type of chastity. It may not work for everyone, but it works for us. Besides, with no device in the way, I get a lot more sexual attention!

If you have other questions for me, simply make a comment to this post and I will try to answer them all, as best I can. Thank you for your time.

Husband & slave to
Mistress Ivey

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Why Male Chastity?

There are numerous reason why a man might be interested, or even fascinated, by male chastity. If your partner has hinted around about it, come right out and asked for it, or mentioned it in a fantasy, it might be something you want to look into.

There are many different reasons why a man might want to have his penis locked up in a chastity device. Maybe he feels that he masturbates too often. Maybe he enjoys the thought that only one woman holds the key to his sexual pleasure. Maybe he is aware that men enjoy being turned on, frustrated even, and that male chastity is one way to experience a great deal more sexual desire.

Whatever the reason, even though it seems like more “work” for you, you might want to give it some serious thought. After all, most of the actual benefits derived from male chastity, benefit the Keyholder... YOU! You will be in control of when and how the two of you have sex. Ask yourself this one question, “Does he want sex (or sexual activity) more than you do?” If you answer, “Yes,” then you might be consider using a chastity device to lock up his penis so that you can use it whenever YOU want, instead of whenever HE wants.

There are many websites now that cover many different aspects of male chastity. I will spend the next few posts on the subject to help those who are interested in it, to learn just how beneficial it can be. As for how much “work” it will be for you, that is up to you. I will show you ways to make it easier on you. There are many ways to give him some kind of sexual excitement that will not require a great deal of time or effort on your part.

There are personal and relational benefits as well. He may be more attentive, romantic, helpful, and even happy, once you have him locked up. You may enjoy more of the kind of sexual activities that you desire as well. Maybe he has been lacking in attending to your needs. Are you getting the number of orgasms you would like? Is he spending enough time providing the oral sex you would like? What about simple back and/or body massages? Are you getting everything you you really want, or could your sex life be better? Think about it.

Mistress Ivey

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Easy Sex

I often get asked why a woman would even want to put her man in chastity. My simple answer to that question is, “It makes your life easier.” How? Well, for one, he is constantly reminded that you are in charge of his sexual organs and activity. He is also kept in a higher state of arousal, constantly. Every time he has a sexual thought, his penis (or his chastity device) will remind him that he cannot do anything about it.

The mere fact that a man cannot have sex, masturbate, or even get a hard-on, will make him want sex more. He will want it constantly. That is, he will constantly be reminded that he can’t have it without you. But there are ways to give him what he wants without “giving him what he wants.”

When a man is sexually excited, he is happy. He may feel frustrated if he cannot do anything about it, but men enjoy being sexually frustrated, as odd as that sounds. So here are a few ideas you can use to sexually tease your man with minimal involvement yourself.

·       Have him write you one of his favorite sexual fantasies. This will take some time and should keep him aroused for at least as long as it takes him to write it. Tell him to include lots of details. Tell him you will grade it and that how long he has left before his next release, may depend on how well his does.
·       Get naked and lay on the bed. Have him get naked as well and give you a full body massage. It will turn him on, relax you, and, assuming you don’t allow him a release, it will elevate his sexual arousal for some time to come.
·       Release him from chastity and have him stroke his penis for you. Don’t allow him to ejaculate, but make him stop whenever he gets close. You continue for as long as you like. Then replace his chastity device and send him on his way.
·       Have him sit in a chair naked, or simply stand in front of you. Call one of your friends (or pretend to) and talk. Tell her about his chastity and how he is standing (or sitting) in front of you. Describe his genitals to her. Talk about some of the more embarrassing or humiliating things you have had him do for you. The more detail you give her, the more embarrassed and aroused he will be.

There are literally thousands of things you can have him do. Sex is not just about intercourse, or even ejaculation for him. Sex is all in the mind. Give him some really great sex without even touching his body. You will see just how easy it is to keep his mind where you want it, without much effort.

Mistress Ivey